Your first MOOC ? Estimation of measurement uncertainty in chemical analysis

The on-line course "Measurement Uncertainty Estimation in Analytical Chemistry" is again open for registration. This spring the course will run during Mar 2 to Apr 12, 2015. The course can be found at:

All the study materials, incl lectures, tests, exercises are freely available online. The course gives the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of measurement uncertainty estimation and explains in detail two principal approaches to measurement uncertainty estimation – the ISO GUM modeling approach (the “bottom-up” approach) and the single-lab validation approach as implemented by Nordtest (the “top-down”) approach. The course contains close to 50 short video lectures, practical examples and numerous tests and exercises for self-testing.

Participation is free of charge this year and the course is open to all interested people - both students and laboratory practitioners - from all over the world.

Additional information:

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