Labtechnology 2019: Accelerating Innovation

Nowadays every small detail of a living cell can be visualized and quantified, whole genome analysis is getting cheap enough for point-of-care diagnostics, highly automated high-throughput analysis has become routine, and detection limits are low enough to find any contamination in just about every sample – which is just as well as society has adopted product safety as a major focal point.

For lab managers, it is tempting to invest in every new fad. But what is really essential to satisfy your clients’ needs? Can you securely and efficiently handle data these techniques are generating? How to design a lab that is flexible enough to accommodate them, and sustainable enough to last?

Labtechnology 2019 looks for answers to all these questions, and more. Without forgetting equipment that has been part of lab life for a long time and will remain so – as there is no rocket science without a solid launch pad.

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