New ILAC website ...

Hello followers,

We are delighted to announce the imminent launch of our brand new website. The initial launch will present users with a clear design and layout, as well as easier access to information for visitors such as government and regulators. Accessibility to the site remains important, and so information about ILAC continues to be available in many different languages.

In order to promote the Arrangement and to make it easier for Regulators to search for Signatories to the ILAC MRA, the site contains a specific signatory search facility. In addition Members are able to download the code for the search facility and host this search on your own website.

Improvements have also been made to the members area of the site, which in due course after final testing is completed, will provide greater functionality such as online voting, and document commenting. Where possible, your existing login details have been carried across to the new system, however if you have any problems accessing the new site, please contact the ILAC Secretariat on

We hope you find the new website educational and informative with easy access.  If you have any comments, feedback or suggested improvements, please send your feedback to the ILAC MCC (