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... to update their Strategic Plan for 2015 - 2020! Just log on to the member area and check the uploaded files for more details. Please note that if you want to deliver some comments, please do so by communicating this input through one of the memebers of our Board of Directoirs from BELAB! Here below you can find the original mail from ILAC :

Dear ILAC Members

The ILAC Executive is submitting the documents ILAC R3:xx/20xx ILAC Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020 and Supplement 1 to ILAC R3:xx/20xx - Activity Plan and Progress Tracking to all ILAC members for a 60 day comment period. All ILAC members are eligible to submit comments on this document.


The current ILAC Strategic Plan was published in 2009 to cover the period 2009 – 2012 (ILAC R3:09/2009).  At the meeting held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, the General Assembly approved the proposal to extend the validity of the current Plan for a further two years whilst the extensive revision of the Plan that is in progress in the Executive Committee is finalized (ILAC Resolution GA 16.17).

The new Strategic Plan will cover the period 2015 – 2020.  The purpose of this Plan is to set out the strategic course for ILAC in order to meet members’ expectations of what you want ILAC to be in 2020. 

You will recall that in July last year, the Executive circulated a questionnaire to gain your input into the process of the revision.  The responses to the questionnaire provided valuable input into a brainstorming session held by the Executive during the annual meetings in Seoul in October 2013.

Since then, the strategic issues identified during the brainstorming and from the questionnaire responses, together with the many individual factors and points that were raised in the brainstorming session, have been further considered within the Executive, most recently at the Executive meeting held in Frankfurt in April this year.

Proposed ILAC Strategic Plan

This extensive process has resulted in the 2 documents that are now provided to you for comment:

A revision of ILAC R3 (ILAC R3:xx/20xx ILAC Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020);
Supplement 1 to ILAC R3:xx/20xx -  Activity Plan and Progress Tracking.

The Executive believes that much of what is in the present version of ILAC R3 is still of real value to the final document and so has been retained.To bring the revised ILAC R3 into line with other ILAC documents, significant editorial changes have been necessary to the wording of the Preface and the Introduction. 

The output from the questionnaire and the brainstorming did not suggest any change was necessary to the existing ILAC Vision.  The essence of the ILAC Mission was also considered to be robust but needed to be presented more succinctly.

The existing listing of Goals and Strategies has generally been retained as these were considered to be almost timeless strategies (rather than Goals) of ILAC, and are not specific to the timeframe 2015 - 2020.

 However, the Executive identified a number of specific Strategic Objectives that are considered critical for ILAC to achieve in the timeframe 2015 – 2020.  These have been plotted in a “balanced scorecard” format, without specifying any order of priority.

Many of the points raised from both the brainstorming and the questionnaire responses suggested either an intended outcome or a more specific course of action.  Considering these and in parallel with developing the Strategic Plan, the Executive has identified the top-level actions needed to implement the Strategic Objectives 2015 – 2020, and these are now set out in a separate document – Supplement 1 to ILAC R3 - Activity Plan and Progress Tracking. 

To assist in understanding the context of each Strategic Objective, Supplement 1 also shows the intended result/purpose of each Objective.  This format therefore shows the link between the top-level Strategic Objectives for the period 2015 – 2020 and the subsequent necessary activities, and also establishes the basis for ILAC Committees to develop their own specific Committee Work Programs.

Once approved by the General Assembly, it is proposed that Supplement 1 will be published with ILAC R3 in the Publications section of the ILAC website and a working version of this document will be retained in the members area of the ILAC website, where it will be available to all members. The working version of the supplement will be managed by the ILAC Executive on behalf of the General Assembly, and provide the means against which progress can be reported (in other words, it will not go through a commenting and ballot process each time it is updated).  The Executive will therefore populate the detail of which member of the ILAC Executive has top-level responsibility for the achievement of the Objective and the expected timeframe at a later stage.

Comment Period

At the conclusion of the 60 day comment period, the Executive will consider the comments received. The document will then be revised further as appropriate and a revised draft of the Strategic Plan will be discussed at the ILAC General Assembly in 2014.  It is anticipated that the 30 day ballot (vote) period will take place soon after the General Assembly, taking into account any final input, so that the documents can be published in early 2015. 

The zip file contains five documents

2014 05 24 Revision of ILAC R3 Draft 10 Clean - numbered.pdf
2014 05 24 Revision of ILAC R3 Draft 10 Track Change
2014 05 21 Supplement 1 to ILAC R3 - Activity Plan and Progress Tracking Draft 9
ILAC Comment and Observation Template - ILAC R3
ILAC Comment and Observation Template – Supplement 1

Please note that there are two comment templates, one for ILAC R3 and one for Supplement 1.  The clean version of ILAC R3:xx/20xx includes the line numbers to ensure you can easily identify, in the comments table, the section of the document that your comments specifically relate to.  All members are requested to please use these line numbers when submitting comments.  For the Supplement, please refer to the appropriate Serial Number given in the left-hand column of the document.