BELAB uw venster op Europa

BELAB vertegenwoordigt de Belgische laboratoria binnen EUROLAB en EURACHEM.
Alle BELAB-leden kunnen deelnemen aan EUROLAB en EURACHEM workshops, seminars en events tegen gereduceerd tarief.
Via deze seminaries houdt u de vinger aan de pols...

BELAB behartigt de belangen van de geaccrediteerde labs bij BELAC.
De BELAB-leden worden als eerste op de hoogte gebracht van wijzigingen in BELAC procedures.
Via BELAB heeft u bovendien een stem in de overlegorganen van BELAC.

Feeding the world - ISO standards and agriculture

From tractors and trailers to methods for testing soils and even fish farming, ISO standards play an essential role in feeding the world.

As pressure on land and resources increases alongside the needs of a growing population and the demand for high-quality food, efficient farming is more important than ever.

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20 May 2018: World Metrology Day

The theme for World Metrology Day 2018 is Constant evolution of the International System of Units. This theme was chosen because in November 2018, the General Conference on Weights and Measures is expected to agree one of the largest changes to the International System of Units (the SI) since its inception.

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Discover the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017

New edition of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for laboratories carrying calibration and testing activities is just published. Three convenorrs of the revision working group tell us more about the importance of this International Standard.

First call for abstracts for the AOAC Europe – NMKL – NordVal International Symposium 2019

First call for abstracts for the AOAC Europe – NMKL – NordVal International Symposium 2019- SPEEDING TOWARDS-OMICS- Chemical and Microbiological Food Analyses.Please reserve the dates 3-4 June 2019, and feel free to forward information about this event, which will take place in lovely Oslo, Norway.  Start to think about contributing, i.e. submitting abstracts (max 150 words) for oral and/or poster presentations. Topics are:

  • ·         Genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, foodomics
  • ·         New rapid methods
  • ·         Multi-methods
  • ·         Hand held instrumentations
  • ·         Digitalization of the analytical process (from sampling to interpretation of results)

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